End of Life and Palliative Care

1. The first slide should provide an over view of the movie. You will then address elements of
Palliative care on subsequent slides.
2. In the movie was palliative care or hospice care provided to the ill or dying character? Discuss
the quality of care and if they did not receive palliative and hospice care how this may have
assisted the patient and loved ones in the dying process.
3. Did the ill character have pain? How was the pain managed? Do you feel that the pain was
adequately addressed or was the patient and family left struggling with the love ones
pain? Consider how pain impacted the characters death.
4. What signs and symptoms of death or chronic illness did the character have? Where
appropriate interventions provided? Did you see a team approach in any of the care?
5. Where there cultural issues affecting the death and dying process? If so how were these
6. Where their ethical decisions made in regards to the care of this patient? Discuss any ethical
issues from the move or your feelings regarding the ethical management of this ill character and
their loved ones.
7. Discuss the communication that occurred within the family, with friends and the health care
providers? What was good, what was not good? What might you have done differently?
8. Discuss the perceived and real losses that occurred in the movie. How were these losses
9. If the final hours were portrayed in your selected movie discuss them.
10. Did anything in the movie surprise you? How could things have been handled better for the ill
character and their loved ones?
11. In closing discuss your feelings about the movie and the movies characters. Now that you have
completed this course do you few death and dying differently and how has your feelings about
caring for the dying changed?




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