Verbal and Nonverbal gendered communication

Paper details This week I’d like you to consider the different men’s movement’s addressed in Chapter

Several of the men’s movements focused on the importance of men’s friendship and/or opportunities to mentor other men.

Identify the movements that assert this as an important part of their group’s principles. How important do you think these relationships are?

What are potential positive and negative consequences of focusing on these types of relationships?

What level of importance do you assign to male friendship and mentor opportunities?

Next, Chapter 5 addresses verbal communication. Discuss your conversational rules for your speech community.

Do you feel more comfortable engaging in predominately feminine or masculine speech style?

I find I typically am perceived as focusing more on a masculine speech style and I feel most comfortable using a masculine speech style. I attribute this to the fact that I am extremely pragmatic and typically seek to fix problems. I am also very direct and don’t get too overwhelmed with confrontation as long as I know what I want to say! Sometimes it gets called ‘brassy’… sometimes it gets called ‘aloof! Often it’s perceived is really honest and transparent!

What about you?

Next, think about society’s standards for beauty and physical attractiveness. Choose and respond to one of the following questions:

1) how do we learn what standards are for beauty in our society?

2) Are there different messages for women than for men?
Don’t be too quick to answer this one… think about it… I had to for a while…Did anyone watch the 201 3 Super Bowl. I of course love the commercials… when the Fiat Topless commercial came on I thought isn’t there a better way to do a commercial that doesn’t place a women bodies as the object of attention and then the Calvin Klein underwear commercial came on and I thought “Mew…is he real… man he is hot” 0000ps did I just think that …with my husband sitting so closely beside me. (see Calvin Klein Underwear) This moment made me take pause!

3) Have you ever known anyone who suffered from an eating disorder? Explain how gendered-mass encourage and influence eating disorders.

























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