Descriptive Statistics Data Analysis Plan

A. Provide an overview of the resource.

What is the focus and rationale of the resource?

Who is/are the target group/s?

What is in the resource? (i.e. Structure and components, topic areas addressed, support materials provided)

B. Describe the range of teaching and learning activities used in the program.

C. Identify the risk factors that the resource aims to reduce and/or protective factors that this resource is aims to strengthen. (Aim to identify 3 – 4 key risk and/or protective factors.)
Draw on your learning from Week 1 of the course and Morrison and Allen (2007)

D. Assess the program:
Use the ‘SAFE’ model (Durlak, 2011) to describe the degree to which the program is consistent with what has been found to be good programming practice in prevention education
Draw on Durlak et al (2011), Weare & Nind (2011) and your learning from Week 4 to inform your evaluation.

E. Implementation challenges:
Predict which aspects of the program teachers may find most challenging to implement, with reference to research investigating implementation challenges.
Draw on Durlak et al (2011), Weare & Nind (2011) and your learning from Weeks 4 and 5.

Briefly discuss each variable in the same sequence as presented in the results.

What has the highest expenditure? What variable has the lowest expenditure?

If you were to recommend a place to save money, which expenditure would it be and why?























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