Emma by Jane Austen

How does the novel’s portrayal of marriage and the “single” life reflects current sentiments towardyoung, single women? In the first half of the assignment, consider the moment in (Part One) Chapter Ten, in which Emma argues against the traditional stigma of being a single woman. How do her views compare with the social and cultural perceptions from others, like Harriet? What are the advantages of marriage, according to these characters, versus what Emma thinks? What benefits does Emma have remaining unattached? And does her change-of-heart at the end compromise her independence? Quote and cite from passages in the novel and elaborate when needed. Then, in the second half of the assignment, think about how Emma’s stance of single-hood relates to current perceptions of marriage. You may consider Stanton’s view of married women in her “Declaration”. You may also consider the spinster stereotype (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., compared to the independent women today. How have the values of women changed in terms of marriage? What caused such change? And yet is there still pressure for women to be married? When you research on the subject, please providethe proper work citations (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and properly notate in the text. In your conclusion, consider how these current sentiments about marriage and the single woman change the way one reads and critiques the novel.




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