Changing HTML on the fly

Many new technologies are available to make Web sites fun, but Cindy wants to use JavaScript to develop more robust content for the KGB Adventure site, and to keep it low-key, not flashy. How does JavaScript compare with some other technologies when it comes to making a site both fun and interactive? How could Cindy change HTML on the fly to simulate a character guiding the user through steps in the site? How could Cindy change HTML on the fly in the survey to make it more interesting to users? What are some ways she could use this type of scripting to persuade the user to take the survey in the first place? Ratings are important to businesses. How would a JavaScript form be able to help? How would on-the-fly updates make it more interesting for the visitor? How can Cindy use JavaScript to give the site a stealthy look and feel on the fly? Scope this project for Cindy. How long do you think it would take, and why?




Sample Solution

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