Community and Public Health

Module 1: CH nurses gather subjective data (i.e. windshield survey and interviewing key informants). Based on this portion of the assignment you will analyze your findings and provide a summary of the key community health issues for your community. Module 2: Next, you will obtain objective data (Demographic, Education, and Economic date, as well as Morbidly and Mortality rates, Health risk rates – obesity, alcohol use, seat belt use, etc.). After collection and analysis of the data, Community Health Nursing needs are determined by comparing their community findings to the larger community (city/county, state and nation). Base on those comparisons, you will develop two priority Community Health Nursing diagnoses. Module 3: Lastly, Community Health nurses develop interventions to address those priority health needs (Community Health Nursing Diagnosis) and indicate methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions proposed.







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