Social work

Thirteen year-old Olivia lives with her two younger brothers and father, Mr. Tom Assing. Mr Assing is an alcoholic and becomes violent when drunk. He has lost many jobs because of his drinking but has recently obtained employment as a gas station attendant. Olivia is responsible for caring for her younger brothers. She prepares most of their meals, makes sure they go to school and helps them with their homework. Her father refuses to help with the household tasks as he believes that it prepares Olivia for her role in the home. As a result she is always tired, misses a lot of school and feels isolated from her friends. Her younger brothers are also becoming very disruptive because of the lack of adult supervision and parental involvement. The conditions of the household reflect severe poverty and deprivation. Olivia’s mother is living and working in the United States of America. Olivia’s mother left because Mr. Assing was physically abusive. She has no intention of returning home to the Caribbean and has not written or sent money in a long time. Olivia is depressed. She has become withdrawn and is unable to eat and sleep properly. She cries persistently, lacks interest in anything and suffers mood swings. You have been assigned as the social worker to this case. Identify your client and in your plan of action:

There is no word limit as you are asked specific questions

a) Describe two goals of social work that are applicable for this case and provide a rationale for your choices.

b) Describe how you would use the generalist intervention model and apply any particular social work theory

c) Describe Olivia’s stage of life and the life tasks she has to achieve in this stage of life

d) Identify one gender issue evident in this case and how it has impacted on the family’s functioning?








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