Toronto research

Please find a partner with whom to travel and walk through one of the designed landscapes
1/ Brickworks Park (Hough Stansbury Woodland, 1990, with updates by Baird Sampson
Neuert and Planning Partnership)
2/ Corktown Common (Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates, 2013)
Like many of the places we’re discussing in class, these public landscapes on the Lower
Don River speak to a history of disturbance and reuse. Each has played an important role in
the reinvention and reconstruction of former industrial districts in Toronto. Each is a
strongly rhetorical design that integrates ecological processes, infrastructure and urban
Before October 1, please carry out research on the history of the site and summarize your
findings. Please prepare an annotated bibliography of five sources, at least four of which
come from the University of Toronto Library or its digital databases and resources.
Between September 30 and October 7, you and your partner should visit the study site
As you walk through and around the site, please talk with each other about your experience.
How is the landscape organized? What are its components? What’s most important, and
what’s secondary? How does the space make you feel? How is it inhabited by people and
other creatures? Do different parts of the site have different qualities? How are they related?
How do you perceive the site’s role in the city? Does the site seem like what you expected,
or does being there change the understanding you had from your library research?
Remember: your observations are meant to be both descriptive—what’s there for everyone
to see?—and analytical—how do you interpret and understand what you’re seeing?
You are creating a primary source document of the site. Please record your thoughts and
transcribe them just after your visit, while the experience is fresh. Your impressions and
thoughts will likely be different, so each of you should carry forward from your own point of
view. In addition, each of you should make three photographs of the site. Again, these will
probably be different for each of you. Just like the images we’ve discussed in class, these































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