Authors vs Physical Objects

1. Often in literary works, authors choose a physical object which takes on a special significance in the work and becomes a symbol of something beyond itself. Show how, in the work that you read, the author uses a symbol to convey a deeper meaning In your essay, focus on the symbols and what they symbolize. Be sure to discuss how the author uses them to convey a message to readers. You may choose three important symbols from the short story, or you may choose to elaborate on one symbol in all three body paragraphs.

2. As we discussed in class, many of the stories we read often provide a certain portrayal of women based on their class and societal views. These differ from story to story. What is the role of women/the role of class/status or the depiction of women mean to the story and how does it support the theme, plot, and setting of the story?

3. Discuss the author’s use of figurative language. Identify three examples of figurative language from the short story. Why did the author use these examples? What impact does the figurative language have on characterization, description of setting (imagery), mood, foreshadowing, theme, or the novel overall? In your essay, use a different example in each body paragraph. Be sure to explain the significance of each use of figurative language. Examples of figurative language vary. Some are symbolism, metaphor, simile, hyperbole, personification, allusion, conflict, dialogue…

4. Literary Devices give a linguistic technique that produces a specific effect and style to writing. Your job is to create a literary device essay concerning one of the stories we read in class and the author’s specifics





































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