Market Segments

Choose one of the two market segments (Transient: Corporate or Group: Tour & Travel) and research thoroughly from websites, periodicals, lecture notes, events and organizations contributing to this specific marketplace. Specific resources associated with each market segment were provided in original document.

Choose a hotel or hotel cAompany to present a strategy and approach for achieving share of a market segment. Analyze the product features, brand attributes, product position, competition and business environment.

Consider the overall attributes of the destinations in terms of local infrastructure, access, natural and cultural resources, business sources and other aspects that lend credibility to the market segment. (all or only some may be pertinent).

Define the relationship between the hotel product and the corresponding market segment.
Show knowledge of industry organizations, national/local sales and marketing organizations, national/local associations — CVB’s and government agencies, trade shows, technology and other partnerships that lend to influencing the market segment.





























Sample Solution

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