Aspects of the strategic marketing

•Critically analyze, to an acceptable standard, aspects of the strategic marketing role using a contemporary practice perspective, using correctly referenced marketing academic literature.
•Establish satisfactorily, using appropriate marketing literature, a critically determined role of marketing and some of the issues arising to support marketing activity in organizations
•Adequately distinguish between some of the pragmatic marketing operations and some theoretical concepts to establish a contemporary view of marketing activity in an organization.

In addition to the above, you are expected to

•Prepare and use IT to aid efficient searching, evaluation, and selection of information, exploring alternative lines of inquiry where appropriate. Present information effectively, including evidence/examples to support your arguments and conclusions.

•Identify and critically assess in a comprehensive fashion the current strengths and weaknesses of the journal article. Evaluate and synthesize information from different sources, theories, and principles, and communicate relevant information effectively, and with accuracy.

•Demonstrate an awareness of the relevance of the journal article to current marketing practices in the business world.




Sample Solution

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