Disruptive digital landscape

Assess the impact of the disruptive digital landscape in delivering wider organizational objectives. With an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of operating in a digital world.5 sources – this is marketing, use recent sources, make sure at least one of the sources is from one of these sources:- Chaffy 2011 E-Business and E-commerce Management: Strategy, implementation and practice 5th edition- Ryan, D (2014) Understanding digital marketing 3rd edition- Enge, E, Spence 2015 the art of SEO – Theory in practice. If there is any useful information relating to the question at hand from the website Smartlnsights.com. The piece of work received will be rejected by me if it is not: Outstanding critical insightful evaluation and synthesis of issues and material which include an original and reflective approach. Showing outstanding, extensive evidence of relevant and perceptive application of theory and empirical results. Show outstanding knowledge and in-depth understanding of principles and concepts. Show a wide range of appropriate supplementary sources and directed reading (AKA the ones from above).




Sample Solution

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