Opera at Home or at a Movie Theater

Videos of operas are available at libraries or online (iTunes, Amazon.com) for home viewing, or you can attend one of the Metropolitan Opera HD performances shown in a movie theater (see
http://www.fathomevents.com/#!the-metropolitan-opera-live-in-hd). Select an opera that interests you by finding one written by a composer that you know or read opera synopses (see
http://www.naxos.com/education/opera_synopses.asp) to choose based on the story. If you consult any sources other than the opera video itself, remember to list them in the space provided below (this includes
the links listed above).

Choose Operas with English subtitles.

Opera Title:
When was the opera written (if not known, check textbook for composer’s dates)?
In what language is it sung?
Did the video have English subtitles?
Which opera company performed?
Name the leading solo performers (check credits):
Who are the main characters in the opera?
Summarize the plot:
The opera was
Did it begin with an instrumental overture?
Check below the types of pieces you heard:
__ aria __ recitative __ small ensemble __ chorus
Describe the music in your own words:
Did you enjoy the opera?
Would you like to see another opera?
Comments and questions:

List the sources you consulted (YouTube, CD, website, article, etc.):

































Sample Solution

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