Teamwork level of effectiveness

We need teamwork because there is often an abundance of work connected with individuals where there can never be a single person doing all the work. Thus, how do we improve teamwork effectiveness? Basically, there are five elements that contribute to the level of effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a team’s overtime including team mission, planning, and goal setting; team roles; team operating processes; team interpersonal relationships; and inter-team relations (Azahari, 2017). Base on this scenario, search and select at least 5 journal articles and books on teamwork effectiveness and report your findings in accordance with the following:

1. Discuss and evaluate other elements which can also promote to the teamwork level of effectiveness or ineffectiveness as available in the journal articles and/ or books as compared to the five elements as suggested by Azahari (2017).

2. From the findings (above) identify which element(s) is/are common and which is/are not. If you had to propose the teamwork elements that can improve the team level of effectiveness, what would be in it? Why?



a. Provide references using the American Psychological Association (APA) format.
b.References should generally be latest (the year 2015 onwards).




Sample Solution

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