Analyzing overall company performance

Write a paper where you analyze the eight rounds of your company’s performance in regard to the following:
1.A description of the industry conditions when you started
2.Strategies used in each round (and any adjustments made throughout) in regard to:Discuss the basic strategy you used in your company (these include the different types of cost leader and differentiation strategies)
1.Research and Development
5.Human Resources
6.Total Quality Management
3. Compare the state of the company after the end of the eight rounds with the state of the company prior to starting. Is the company in better shape? How so? Are there areas where there still needs to be improvement? What would you change to improve those areas?

4.Although you did not have to expand internationally in the simulation, many companies are now global organizations. How would international expansion have affected the company in terms of marketing, finance, and human resources?
5.Social responsibility is a very large factor in organizational success today. What measures would you have taken with this organization to ensure social responsibility in production and research and development? What marketing strategies would be most important in ensuring stakeholders have a full understanding of your company’s social responsibility efforts?
6.Overall, what, if anything would you have done differently if you had this company to run all over again?




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