Radio and podcasting

You are to listen to a minimum of one-hour talk radio on a weekday, not a weekend. In our area, that means AM 640, AM 790, AM 870 or AM 1150. If you have SIRIUS and XM Radio, each has approx 5-6 talk radio stations that you can choose from. You can also listen to an online PODCAST-BUT IT MUST BE CURRENT OR VERY RECENT!!!
Try to pick a prime-time hour (from 9 am to 9 pm). But if need be, anyone solid hour during the week will suffice. You can listen to a podcast.
After you listen to a solid block of talk radio, answer the following questions. You are to use a computer and printer. So this means you should not put this assignment off until the last minute.
1. What station (or channel) or podcast did you listen to? 2. From what time to what time and on what date? 3. Who was the host or hosts? What is their background? And get the spelling correct, which might require you to use the internet as a resource. All popular hosts have their own Web sites that are easily located. Hint: provide some detail. 4. This is the important one. In a short essay (approx 2-3 pages). quote or paraphrase is also to quote or paraphrase some of the callers to the show. For example, you might write “Mark from Los Angeles made the point that blah blah…” At the conclusion of your short essay, you are to tell me if you agreed or disagreed with the host’s point of view and explain why or why not. back up your opinions with facts. PLEASE DOUBLE SPACE!!!! 5. This is another important one. Did you enjoy the program or not, Why? Be somewhat detailed. And can you or can you not imagine the discussion you listened to, impacting society or policy in any way, or shaping mass opinion in some form or another. Explain your reasoning.



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