University of Michigan Museum of Art

1) A summary and description of the event, including the printed program if one is available—you must submit some evidence of attending the particular event. The summary should be no longer than a page.

2) Additional information about the work of art you viewed. If you attend a symphony or visit a museum, please select one to three pieces of music or art work that grabbed your attention and find information about the artist’s work itself. If you attend a play, or dance concert, you might investigate the playwright’s, director’s or choreographer’s artistic vision or point of view as represented by the play, film, or dance you viewed. Two sources are necessary for this research component—the program for the event does not count as research. Please list the research material you consulted in MLA style. If you are having difficulty finding research material contact me; I will be glad to help.
Special Note: Biographical information about the artist is not relevant here! Your focus should be on the work of art rather than on the artist’s life. Think about how we’ve talked about paintings or poems or music in discussion. We’ve talked about the work itself and the history of its being made in a certain time and place rather than about the artist’s personal life story.

3) A discussion of the work’s connection to its culture. Show how the work reflects the cultural ideas and attitudes in which it was produced. Show the work’s connection to the time period in which it was first produced or revived. This is the most important element of the Cultural Event Project.




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