Sample essay topics

Choose the topic that is easier to find valid sources about it and help to write in better concept from 12 given topics. the only matter is that as the essay belongs to a politics course the references is a must and it is better to be mostly from the Canadian government.

You can choose any of these topics that it might be easier to find sources for writing about it.
1.The irregular arrival of refugee claimants from the United States.
2.The limit (20,000) on the total number of parents and grandparents that Canadian residents can sponsor each year.
3. Should seasonal agricultural workers be eligible for permanent resident status?
4. Should immigration levels be increased to 400,000 a year to deal with Canada’s demographic challenges?
5.A case study of a professional regulatory body’s accreditation process.
6. Should Canada admit a larger number of refugees selected by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees?
7. Should Canada allowing international students who graduate from a Canadian university to immediately apply for permanent residence?
8.The immigration of members of an ethno-racial group (South Asian Canadians, Chinese Canadians, Polish Canadians, Mexican Canadians etc.) Your essay must focus on a specific time period. For example, immigration from the Philippines since 2000 or Italian immigration in the 1950s.
9.The advantages and disadvantages of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.
10. How do provincial nomination programs contribute to the decentralization of immigration decision-making?
11.The representation of ethnic-racial minorities in government.
12. What changes would enable immigrant-serving agencies to better assist new Canadians to find employment?




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