Women and Unions

Write a short essay on the topic of, and with the title, “Women and Unions—What I Already Know, What I Expect from the Course.”
Since this essay is very short, you need to think very carefully about how to include everything that you want to say. The essay should consist of two parts.
In the first part of the essay, write about things that you know about women’s work, both in the paid labor force and in unpaid housework; what you know about how to juggle the double shift of paid and unpaid work; and what you know about women’s struggles in unions and feminist groups. In this part of the essay, draw on your own experiences or on stories that family, friends, or co-workers have shared with you. You can also draw on anything that you have leamed through independent reading, book clubs, or women’s studies or labor studies courses that you may already have taken. This is the “What I Already Know” part of the essay.
The second, ‘What I Expect from the Course,” part of the essay should explain your reasons for taking this course and combine them with the thoughts that you had while going through the introductory unit.
Just remember, your essay must be short.




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