Causes of social problem and its impact on society.

Outline Social Welfare Policy is the collective (social) response to social problems. Social Welfare Programs are the product of social welfare policies. The first task, choose a social welfare problem or issue that needs or has a social welfare policy (problem then policy). Example: Problem – retirement; Policy – Social Security Act of 1935. Second task. Outline of Research Paper:

Thesis – Identify the social problem and explain why it is a social welfare policy issue.
Causes of a social problem and its impact on society. Demographics: a) who is affected by the problem? b) How many people are affected? c) Gender, ages, ethnicity, geographic locations, etc. Values and Beliefs – list some of the values and beliefs that apply to the social welfare problem. Identify ideologies and relevant theories that pertain to the social welfare problem. Critical Analysis of the social welfare policy: a) who has the power / who does not? b) What is the public reaction to the problem/policy? c) What specific policy was developed (legislation) to address the problem? d) How was the program?
Was it effective or not? VII. the flow would you deal with the problem?



























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