Health Economic Assessment (HEA)

There are four main HEA methods depending on the way in which the benefits or health desired health outcomes can be quantified • Cost minimization analysis (CMA) • Cost effectiveness analysis (CEA) • Cost utility analysis (CUA) • Cost benefit analysis (CBA) Why Measure Benefits? • Decision making • Efficiency • Communication Negative And Positive Benefits (and Costs!) Process of Benefit Assessment 1. Identification: 2. Measurement: 3. Valuation: • Mortality. • Quality of life. • Measure in natural physical units E.g. number of deaths averted). • Value benefits if appropriate i.e. if performing CUA or CBA. Sources of Effectiveness measures Synthesis methods (tertiary data?) Secondary data Methods of Valuing Health Utility weight: Evaluation Specific/ ‘holistic’ Measure Rating scale: conceptual comments The time trade-off (TTO) The standard gamble (SG) Magnitude estimation: Person trade-off (PTO): Beware ‘league tables’! Difference between valuation and measurement.








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