Lifespan development of behavior

Use Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory to analyze this person’s life story. Your analysis should be approximately 200-250 words long. (Please be sure to include a word count at the top of your assignment.) To achieve the best possible score on this assignment, be sure to include all the stages of Erikson’s theory and briefly explain each one. Then use each explanation to explain the relation of this state in Erik Erikson’s theory to this woman’s life story. Your assignment will be evaluated on clarity, completeness, and accuracy.
This person, who is a female, grew up in the state of Mississippi. She was an African-American growing up in the deep South of the United States, before the civil rights movement. As a result, she grew up knowing about the brutal effects of both racism and poverty. She was the eighth child of sharecroppers, people who farm land owned by someone else., whose total earnings, when she was born, added up to $300 a year. When she was eight years old, her brother shot her in the left eye with a BB gun. By the time her parents were able to get her to a hospital, she was blind in that eye and had also developed a layer of scar tissue in that eye, which she bore for the rest of her life. Despite these challenges, she overcame pain and anger and was able to write a book about her life and experiences. She won a major literary prize for this book. She has continued to write, not only books but also poetry, essays and short stories. She has also become a noted political activist in the civil rights movement in the United States. She has continued to be active in promoting civil rights up to the current time.



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