Business report of a service company “Caribou Coffee”

Choose one service organization with which you are familiar, preferably one where you are already a customer and where you have had more than one service encounter over a period of time. Your task is to write two business reports for the senior management of that organization analyzing service elements that focus on understanding the nature of the service and how they create customer value.
You will need to address the following tasks in your Business Report 1:
Explain the three-stage model of service consumption.
Define and profile the main target market(s) using the four categories of segmentation variables (Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic and Behavioral).
Summarize the nature of the positioning strategy in relation to each target market served and create a perceptual map for the selected service.
Present two positive and two negative moments of truth and discuss why these are likely to be critical points and how you would go about managing the negative ones.

You will need to address the following tasks in your Business Report 2:
Describe in detail the seven elements of the services marketing mix for the selected service provider.
Show (provide recommendations) how each of these (7Ps) might be used by management to attract customers and create value.
Describe what you think the approach to capacity and demand management is, what changes to the organization’s management of capacity and demand would you recommend and why (provide at least 3 recommendations for managing capacity and 3 recommendations for managing demand) .









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