Adolescents with Depression

After reading Astramovich’s article, you will complete a data-driven Needs Assessment for a specific counseling population. Specifically, you will use the 4 stages of counseling Needs Assessment and will focus on the use of existing data to formulate your response.
Identify a target/specific population you plan to work with as a counselor (e.g., LGBT youth, adults with depression, adolescent girls with disordered eating, etc.). Find at least three (3) journal articles (published within 10 years) that discuss your specific population’s needs in mental health treatment. Your articles should be published in counseling-based journals: however, social work and psychology journals can be utilized only if no studies have been published on your topic in counseling journals. Summarize the findings presented in the literature by clearly identifying at least 3 overarching needs of your targeted population. You should use the 4 stages of counseling Needs Assessment as headings in your paper to provide your paper with the organization. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length in addition to title and reference page. You will use this information to inform how you would evaluate a treatment program for your targeted population (e.g., a residential program for youth diagnosed with mood disorders, a wilderness program for girls with PTSD, a 90-day drug and alcohol detox program, etc.,).




Sample Solution

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