Clashing views on social issues

Is Increasing Economic Inequality a Serious Problem?
Article 1. Slow Growth and Inequality Are Political Choices. We can Choose Otherwise. By Author Joseph E. Stiglitz
Article 2. Understanding Poverty in the United States: Surprising Facts about America’s Poor. By Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield

Has Gender Equality Come A Long Way?
Article 1. Poll: American Men Embracing Gender Equality by Ronald Brownstein
Article 2. Who am I to be Financially Feminist? (A Guide for Female Entrepreneurs) by Leisa Peterson

Has America made substantial progress in the rights of blacks?
Article 1. The “conversation about race” That isn’t a Conversation by Noah c. Rothman
Article 2. What racial injustice looks like in America’s economy by Jared Bernstein

Does Capitalism have serious Defects?
Article 1. Capitalism and Inequality by Jerry Z. Muller
Article 2. Why Capitalism is Awesome by Chris Berg

Is Government Dominated by Big Business?
Article 1. Is the Corporate Elite Fractured, or is there Continuing Corporate Dominance? Two Contrasting Views by G. William Domhoff
Article 2. The Fracturing of the American Corporate Elite by Mark S. Mizruchi

Is American Justice too Severe?
Article 1. Bold Steps to Reform and Strengthen America’s Criminal Justice System by Eric Holder
Article 2. Attorney General Orders Tougher Sentences, Rolling Back Obama’s Policy by Rebecca R. Ruiz





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