Digital technologies

Discuss and analyzed many ways in which digital technologies are fundamentally influencing or changing society. Now, you will take what you have learned and teach others. This assignment has three parts:
First, select one of these topics The impact of the use/growth/spread of digital tools and/or the use of social media (“crowdsourcing” might be an example). The impact of 3-D printers:
( The impact of “augmented reality” (Google Glass, iPad apps). The impact of “digital mapping” tools. The impact of “interactive” media such as television or movies. The impact of “wearable computers” ( The impact of robots. (Anybots, for example, or Elder Care Robots). The impact of  “telemedicine.” The impact of digital analytics or cloud technologies. The impact of teleconferencing. Second, explain how the digital technology you have chosen will impact the future in one of the following areas: education (elementary, secondary, or post-secondary), law, law enforcement, psychology, business, healthcare, construction, engineering, computer science or any other field in which you have an interest. How will this affect society at large? Example: The use of “augmented reality” in future classrooms at the elementary level and how this will impact society.

Third: Once you have your topic, you will create an online presentation of 8-10 minutes in length which introduces your topic and uses what we know about these tools/trends to extrapolate what impact they will
have on our future.
Possible Tools: You can use whatever is comfortable for you—but an audio component is required. You will need to give a presentation, and it is important that you do not just “read” into the microphone, though having a script and practicing it first will make the job much easier. Pretend that you are standing in front of a crowd—engage them.
Check our Presentation Tools Wiki for ideas. You can also check out: SlideRocket (free if you use your email to sign up—it has a very simple to use audio function) Here’s a page with sample presentations in SlideRocket: http:/ Powerpoint (If you use Powerpoint, be aware that you will need to use the audio function) Prezi Learning Prezi is easy:
Video (upload it to YouTube, select closed captioning function) Free website template: (you will need to create an audio file and upload it—this isn’t difficult with Weebly. Post a transcript).
Podcast (with transcript) [there are lots of sites for this, and you can even just create an audio file on your computer and post it on a blog site or a free website, but here’s one choice—sign up for the free plan: source=gaw038,gclid=CJe_iKzbxrUCFYKDOgodXCsAQQ)




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