Erica Daniels

Erica Daniels is a 13-year-old Caucasian female who was just admitted to an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit for suicidal ideation and reports of severe depression. She has no significant medical problems.
Answer the following questions from your perspective as her psychiatric nurse practitioner.
You are assigned to complete a psychiatric evaluation on Erica. Identify the clinical presentation and symptoms you would expect to see if a diagnosis of Major Depression were to be made.
What lab tests you would order? Discuss the rationale for each test.
Erica’s moms want to know how their daughter could be depressed enough to require psychiatric hospitalization. What information would you need from Erica’s mothers relative to family, Erica’s current and past
functioning, and the rationale for needing inpatient psychiatric treatment rather than outpatient treatment at this time?
Identify the pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions you might recommend. Include a specific recommendation of a psychotropic medication (include starting dose and side effects to monitor). Provide the rationale for these recommendations. Identify how the drug you select is metabolized and its mechanism of action.
How would you know when Erica would be ready for a safe discharge relative to symptom presentation and functioning? What are the potential complications if these symptoms are not well-managed?




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