National Strategy

From ancient drum beats to e-mail, methods of communications have progressed astronomically. However, no matter the method of delivery, communications still face detrimental barriers, such as misinterpretation, jargon, slang, and even poor pronunciation and dialect. It is not enough to be able to speak more than one language; it is necessary to be able to reason and convince in second or third languages. A breakdown in communication is always the first rationalization when errors are made or a directive is misinterpreted. Added to the linguistic problems, bureaucratic stacks and layers of personnel, offices, bureaus, and agencies will cause confusion, misdirection, and revision of documents and messages.
Assignment Guidelines
What is the national strategy for the physical protection of critical infrastructures and key assets? When was it created? Who created it? Why was it created? Explain. How are communications addressed in the strategy documentation? Explain. Explain the concept of the interrelationship of infrastructure sectors. How does the well-being or disruption of one sector affect the others? Explain. Provide 2-3 examples of infrastructure interdependency. What can stakeholders involved in the various sectors do to protect themselves and each other? Explain. Consider communications, information sharing, technology, and so forth.





























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