Protective services specialist

Write a twelve-page (minimum) paper (exclusive of title page and reference list) based on the following scenario:
Your principal is the corporate CEO of a large software company with international connections in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. He travels frequently. He is currently planning a trip to Kabul, Afghanistan to discuss the possibility of establishing business ties with some Afghan software start-up ventures. Your principal will fly to Kabul via commercial airliner. The meeting takes place in Kabul, Afghanistan. Information on Afghanistan is available from the following resources:
Afghanistan — General (Detailed) Information Source: Embassy of the United States — Kabul, Afghanistan: Mtp:// See also: CIA: The World Factbook — Afghanistan (2010): Centers for Disease Control (CDC) — Afghanistan Information: Mtp:// Kabul International Airport (2010 video): Mtp:// See also: Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) Intel Report (May 2010): PMC Tasked with Providing Support In-Country:
Detail the various concerns that you have as the protectee’s protective services specialist. You will have a team of two exclusives of yourself. Cover each concern in detail. As a minimum, the following topics must be thoroughly covered:
1. – Threat assessment/risk analysis 2. – Consideration of the principles of protection 3. – Working the principal 4. – The advance 5. – Transport security including bomb search procedures.




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