Strategic management

Question 1 “Strategy is the long term direction of an organisation” (Johnson et al, 2013, p4) Provide a critical evaluation of this definition and the practical implications of it on the long-term direction and well-being of an organisation or company. Is strategy as simple as it sounds? (LO2) Question 2 Contrast Stockmann’s Russia strategy with what you understand to be their corporate strategy, making use of the concepts in Question 1. (LO1) Question 3 Advise Mikki Raikonnen on future strategy options for Stockmann. Your answer should take into account: – The basis of strategy (using Porter’s generic strategies or Bowman’s strategy clock) – Directions and options for possible development using Ansoff’s matrix – and discussion of internal development, mergers and acquisitions and alliances. In your summary, provide a final preferred strategy recommendation and a summary of your rationale







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