The Murder of Helen Jewett (New York, 1999).

Porkla Clint Cohen, The Murder of Helen Jewett (New York, 1999). The questions under each topic arc meant to help you prepare for discussion and gather information and formulate an argument and for your paper as you read the book toot to answer one after the other). Read through the topics and see which appeals to you, then keep Rack of the pages on which Cline Cohen discusses your topic. Once you decide on a topic keep track of information from the readings and lectures that support your argument. If you kavc a different topic you’d like to write about. great. just check with me before pursuing it. fly American Womanhood hat experiences did Helen Jewett share with other young women of her era? ow was Jewett’s experience different from that of other girls? as the countryside or the city more dangerous for a woman’s reputation? ‘d Jewett the prostitute embody any of the virtues of middle-class domesticity? hat made Helen Jewett a victim worthy of sympathy? . ow did descriptions of Jewett reveal prevailing notions about women’s role in society? Why were female witnesses treated differently than male witnesses at the murder trial?
Female Labor What sorts of jobs were open to women in the countryside? What jobs did cities offer young women? What professions were open to older women? How were working-class girls educated in the 1830s? Why did some young women sell sex? What made prostitution a profession as Helen Jewett practiced it? How did Helen Jewett’s education enhance her profession?
Social Class Was class a fluid or rigid category in the 1830s? What class was Helen Jewett as a child? What class was she as a prostitute? How did property ownership separate the classes in the countryside and in cities? In what sorts of neighborhoods did prostitutes like Helen Jewett live? What sorts of economic and social dealings did lower-class blacks and whites have in cities?
Popular Press How was the Helen Jewett murder reported in the newspapers? Why did Helen Jewett’s murder become such a big story? How did the penny papers differ from earlier newspapers? Who read them? How did the penny papers borrow and depart from crime pamphlet literature? How did newspaper coverage of the murder trial affect its procedure and outcome? What sort of post-trial coverage was there?




























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