Word blog explaining how a food changed in preparation. taste. and meaning during migration or other movements

The main out-of-class writing assignment is a 350 to 500-word blog explaining how a food changed in preparation, taste, and meaning during migration or another movement. Think of your blog as a story about an
important moment in the (longer and more complex) biography of that food. A list of approved foods with corresponding documents is available on the Quercus page, along with examples written by former
students. You will need to find at least two secondary sources from scholarly publications (books and journals) to provide social and historical context about your food in both the origin and destination. You can consult other sources (cookbooks, journalism, Wikipedia), but you must actually use the scholarly sources in your paper. Don’t just pad the bibliography. And be sure to include a bibliography of your sources and in-text citations to show where you got quotes and ideas. You will also need to include at least two appropriate illustrations. If you take images from the web, you need to provide the URL link. One of the illustrations can be a photo of the recipe, menu, completed dish, etc.



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