Bullying in Schools

Scenario Over the past several years, bullying in schools has garnered significant media attention. While it is an issue that has been part of school culture for decades, societal changes, among other factors, have dramatically influenced the level, type, and consequences of bullying. What can we do about it?
As an educator, select one of the three schools below for your first assignment. You have been designated as the Chair of the Prevention Bullying Committee, and the School Board would like to have a proposal for how to best address bullying across the district. The techniques should address both preventative and reactive measures.
King Elementary School: K-3 Cayman Middle School: 4-8 Woodland High School: 9-12
Task Your assignment, should you choose to accept… is to develop (and creatively name) a project for an in-school program for one of the schools above. The design could be a school-within-a school model, an integrated inclusionary approach, supportive resource model, etc. Remember to consider the empowerment of the 80% of students who neither bully or are bullied.
1. Why do students bully? 2. Which students are likely to be bullied? 3. How should teachers respond to bullying? Evaluate different consequences for bullies. 4. How should administrators respond to bullying? 5. What type of whole-school supports are most appropriate to be implemented? 6. Which programs that currently exist should be considered for adoption?









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