How can be this kind of photography (social documentary for war and tragic events) be ethically justified?
Use the points below to build the paper to in the end answer this question. – Write about his biography (relevant things to his life and work) – Write about some of his most prominent work (photography) – Write about what the critics have said about him – Compare what he critics from different countries have said. For EXAMPLE (meaning you don’t have to necessarily write about this), he photographed people in Afghanistan, what do first world critics have to say, compared to critics from that area? Do they have different opinions on his work? On his ethics? On the morality of it? Try to stay objective in the way you write, don’t choose sides. – Discuss the photographer’s place in the history of modern and contemporary photography. – Discuss how his work is viewed today compared to when his career was at its peak (did the opinions change?) – Discuss what the photographer says about his work – Discuss the ethics and morality behind the work, how the critics view it, how he justifies it.







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