Addressing themes

Choose ONE of the following themes to address. For whichever theme you pick, focus on only one of the words within the brackets to cover within your paper. So, for example, if you decide to write on religion, you would analyze either how the works represent the religious beliefs of the time or how the works challenge religious beliefs, but NOT both. • Religion: How does the work [represent or challenge] religious beliefs? • Politics: How does the work [support or oppose] political authority? • Freedom: How does the work portray the [struggle or triumph] of freedom? • War: How does the work show the [glory or horror] of war? • Heroism: How does the work depict the [traits or achievements] of a hero? • Nature: How does the work represent nature’s [beauty or power]? • Love: How does the work illustrate [love or lust]? • Gender: How does the work [exhibit or defy] traditional roles for men and women?




Sample Solution

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