Spoken Language

Watch the following video and analyze it: https://wvvvv.youtube.com/watch?v=2m1YethxbQQ

When you watch the video, it is recommended you activate the subtitles, as it is easier to tell what the child is saying. After watching the video, write up answers to the following questions:

Identify which video you watched from the above list.

Using the “Spoken Language in the First 2 Years” milestone chart in the text (Chapter 3), identify where this child’s oral language skills are at based on milestones. Justify how you reached this conclusion by examples from the video.

Look at other language concepts in the chapter, such as babbling, holophrase, naming explosion, etc. that were demonstrated by the child in the video.

Select the concepts that applied to the child and explain how they were presented by this child.

Explain in your own words the three theories of language development described in Chapter 3. The theory titles are 1) infants need to be taught, 2) social interactions foster language, and 3) infants teach themselves.

Describe which of the three theories you see influencing this child’s language skills. Use something specific from the video to justify your answer.




Sample Solution

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