Bathtub (The Smell)

You are dispatched to a scene where the body of a woman has been found in a bathtub.  She was last seen alive 4 weeks ago. The odor is so strong you must wear a breathing mask.

What are some key things to look for to determine she was likely taking a shower, bath or neither.

Who found her and how did they enter the room?

What items were inside the bathroom to indicate she entered intending to bathe or shower?

Using the outline found in the PowerPoint slides “make-up” a case involving a body found in a river.  Write a short one paragraph scenario using the questions in the outline.  Like “How did the deceased enter the water, the speed of the river, how far from point of entry to where the body was found?, etc..

Or write a very short case report about a Mass Transit accident.  Choose one, either Body Found in River or a Mass transit accident (Train vs Car).




Sample Solution

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