Iranian literature and Iranian cinema and movies.

Write a very good and professional proposal in Iranian literature and Iranian cinema and movies. The most important point is the topic should be related to postmodernism, Memory, Identity /History. kindly write the proposal through the memory, Identity, history and sociology perspective not politic Memory is a key point for me. I’ve selected 4 Iranian novels: 1. Symphony of Dead by Abbas Maroufi 2. The Colonel by Mahmoud dowlatabadi 3. Nocturnal Harmony of Lumbers (wood) 4 the Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat The movies which I’ve selected are as follow: 1. Colors of Memory (2008 – Colors of Memory is a 2008 Iranian film directed by Amir-Shahab Razavian based on the events of the 2003 Bam earthquake.

Memory, Identity and history in Iranian novels and movies (literature & cinema )



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