“The Effects of Fairytales as a Narrative for Young Children”

Are Fairytales Good or Bad for Young Children? “Identify a clear point of view or claim. Argue that point of view or claim identified by using: 1. actual fairytales as examples as well as 2. scholarly sources to explore other viewpoints and to support your position. REQUIREMENTS: 1. The essay must be 4-5 pages in length (1, 000 words) 2. A counter-argument must be presented in your essay. Make sure to refute the counter-argument or counterclaim. 3. A minimum of five (5) sources are required and they must be external sources (in addition to) to the materials provided online. You can use and reference our class online material, but ONLY IN ADDITION to the five (5) outside sources, each reading, plus paraphrasing, to better 4. Make sure to use parenthetical notes, also called in-text citations, and include a Works Cited. All citations must follow the MLA Guide 8 which can be found on Blackboard (left panel) .



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