General questions

Answer two questions each should not be more than 250 words

Using the analytic framework offered by Dona Schwartz in “To Tell the Truth: Codes of Objectivity in Photojournalism”, and drawing on the theoretical lens of your choice from Part I or Part II of the textbook (Marxist, organizational, pragmatic, rhetorical, cultural, psychoanalytic, or queer analysis), provide a one-page critical analysis of this example of photojournalism.

What meaning does the photograph construct? How does it construct this meaning? What are the implications of this meaning?


Explain the concept of Semiology and its significance in understanding media. Be sure to ground your answer in a specific media example.

THEORY + APPLICATION Explain the concept describe the theory. What are its key elements? and its significance in understanding media What’s significant about the theory in the context of your media example? What issue or issues are raised when you apply the theory to the example you’ve chosen? You’ve applied the theory, “so what?”



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