Managing diversity

Benefits of Organizational Diversity
You are the consultant assigned to study the organizational environment in the Miami, Florida, and the Kansas City, Missouri, offices. Both are service call centers for Fig Technologies. The workforces have a large cross-section of locals from the area, university graduates from nearby institutions, and transfers from other offices within the organization. The offices are facing issues in several areas.
The two offices have a friendly rivalry with regard to professional sports and local college teams. In the Florida office, there have been concerns raised, including some complaints that the rivalry has gone to extremes.
Contingent software developers in both offices from Brazil and South Africa have been unable to get people excited about futbol instead of football. A few individuals in the Kansas City office have begun hanging out together and talking in the break areas about their relationships with same-sex partners, multiple partners, and some encounters of homosexual and heterosexual relationships together. A petition is circulating around the Kansas City office about these types of discussions being banned.
You are being sent to assess the environment and provide a report of your findings. The report should be in three sections: ¦assessment of findings in Miami, FL; ¦ assessment of findings in Kansas City, MO; and ¦ recommendation for addressing these findings to the Executive Leadership Council (ELC) for review.
In your assessment of findings, be sure to evaluate how organizational cultures are perceived and how problem solving and creativity are promoted with organizational diversity. In your recommendations for the ELC, contrast the benefits and disadvantages of diversity, and establish the value of working through these issues to create a dynamic organizational culture. How will you channel this diversity and help create a positive atmosphere?







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