MarkStrat Simulation

I’m in a team where we are working on the MarkStrat Simulation, however, because I had some personal issues and missed so many classes, I have lost track with what’s going on. We’re now in the stage where we need to write the first report which reflects our simulation progress. Each person is doing around one page (more or less). My team-mates are doing their parts and I am left with the “Market Overview” and “Firms’ Performance” parts to write, a total of one page (more or less). I need someone who’s an expert with the simulation and I’ll send you the log-in information so you can view everything you need for the report. Additionally, there’s no need for a title, intro or formatting… we already have that set-up (so all I need to do is copy and paste your paragraphs into the report). 04:21 To clarify, “firms”‘ is plural.
Here is how to access the simulation.
1. Go to []. 2. Click SIGN IN at the top left of the page. 3. Select “A Participant”, enter the activation key (WILL BE PROVIDED TO THE ASSIGNED WRITER) and click SUBMIT. 4. Click the ACCESS MARKSTRAT logo (and make sure you disable the pop-up blocker if it doesn’t open). 5. Enter the team password (WILL BE PROVIDED TO THE ASSIGNED WRITER). 6. You are free to view anything you want, but please make sure you do NOT make any changes on the simulation. 7. Thank you so much! 🙂


























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