“Total Eclipse of the Heart” ? P

PROMPT: Why is this class called “Total Eclipse of the Heart” ? In order to answer this question, write a research paper of 9 pages citing all of the following:
1. (this source will be attached) 3 concepts from Literary Theory by Jonathan Culler:
i.e. intertextuality, disruption, theory vs. common-sense, how narrative works, etc.

2. “Immobility” – Brian Evenson (I have this source in a Kindle format, if you need it, get back to me for that one)
3. 1-3 Songs from the Spotify playlist “Forever’s Gunna Start Tonight”: 1.) “Burn” – Usher; 2.) “Jesus of Suburbia” – Green Day.
4. Bradbury, Ray-“ The Illustrated Man.”







Sample Solution

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