Article Review


Harvard Business Review articles you will find (see how below) and read. After reading the article, you will identify the following in your post: 1) Which article did you read/watch (give the title, author(s) and link)? 2) What was the thesis, or main point, of the article? 3) How do you feel about the article? Did you agree with it? If so, in what way? Did you find it, or parts of it, problematic? If so, what parts were questionable to you? 4) Offer an example to compliment the content in the posting. This example can be a personal experience, a fictional situation, something a friend told you about, a scene from a movie or television show, etc. For example, if the HBR posting discussed characteristics of a bad boss, I might refer to (and even give a link to) an episode from That 70’s Show where Red went to work for his neighbor Bob. Red’s experience was negative because Bob ran his business in a wackier manner than Bob would. Specifically, Bob required his employees, including Red, to wear silly costumes when dealing with customers and expected them to say funny one-liners in order to get a sale. Red, a very stoic and gruff man, felt this was beneath him, childish, and unprofessional.



Sample Solution

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