General Stanley McChrystal.

Write a 5-6 paper covering an international leader’s communication as an example of framing and to evaluate the leaders framing: 1. Background on when, where, and to whom the text/artifact/communication was delivered, 2. Describe the text/artifact (what did the leader say in the speech or Meets or whatever you are studying). What did newspaper editorials/stories or pundits say about the speech? This will require using Lexis-Nexis to search for newspaper editorials and stories. 3. Identify the exigence– the event that called forth the rhetoric. 4. Explain the circumstances surrounding the speech/artifact 1. where did it occur 2. who was the audience 3. when did it occur 4. what was going on in the country/world at the time 5. and the Hofstede’s dimensions comparison to the United States. 6. If any research has been published on this country using Hofstede’s dimensions or other research about the culture, include this too (when it comes from business or communication databases). 5. Explain the barriers/expectations the speaker faced (this can include crowd mood, how the individual is perceived by the audience, etc.) 6. Use at least three newspaper or magazine articles (from Lexis-Nexis database, not from the internet) to answer questions 1-5) 7. Describe the rhetor, including information from at least three additional articles beyond the three from questions 1-5 (again, from printed sources, not web pages unless the web pages are a periodical like The Atlantic). 8. Explain briefly why the text is rhetorically interesting (expand on what we can learn by studying this speech/leader). 9. Search Communication Source database for your speaker/leader. If the database has any articles about your leader, include a sentence or two summarizing each article’s findings.

  1. State your thesis.




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