LOGISTICS of importing a product in Canada or exporting from Canada.

The objective of the project is to deliver an information to your classmates about the LOGISTICS of importing a product in Canada or exporting from Canada.

Below are some suggestions of important ocean ports and airports. But, you have to research and present in the class the PORT or AIRPORT from where your goods will be shipped from the country of origin

Singapore (2), Shanghai (1), Dubai (9), Rotterdam (11), Colombo (33), Busan (5), Santos (38), Durban (50), Jawaharial Nehru (34).

Airports: Hong Kong (1), Incheon (4), Frankfurt (9), Mumbai (35), Rio de Janeiro (-), Dubai (6), Narita (8), Shanghai (3), OR Tambo (-).

Our product is Apple, from Shanxi(陕西 in China)to Shanghai port(railway),Shanghai port to Vancouver(Ocean),Vancouver to Toronto(railway)

• A brief introduction of the country of origin in which you found your product (your successful business opportunity) and where the port/airport is located. Include the geographic location, population, economic size, recent key events. Why should an International Business student be interested? Did you discover something special about the place, the economy, the people …etc.

• Ocean port/ airport introduction and background: size (world ranking by TEU/cargo tonnage) location within country, evolution, proposed future development.

• A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis, 2 for each element off your proposed venture. The focus of your analysis should be the cost of shipping the product. How the shipping costs affects the viability of your venture.































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