Statistics aspect of energy

During this course we only scratch the surface of many important topics. The final paper requires you to go deeper into one of the energy related topics from the course and tell us what you learned.
Research Paper is to have you present in-depth information on a topic related to energy. This paper is not a persuasive paper or first-person narrative of your actions or thoughts. Consider this a formal research paper that will help you develop an awareness of how your chosen career passion and interest relates to energy. Everything we do has a connection to energy, and we want you to explore this.
Your topic must be on energy and related to your major. Here are some questions that may help you think about energy: Where is the bulk of the energy being used in your field? What are some technologies or practices being done to change or reduce energy use? Are there some start-up businesses that are helping to change or reduce energy use? What is driving the change? (Is it policies? Economics? Consumers?) What are some of the road blocks or barriers to adapting changes to reduce energy use? How can these barriers be overcome?
























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