Video appraisal

ART I: SESSION PROCESS 1. Which video you watched (upload attached) 2. An explanation of how the interview was opened. 3. Body position: Describe the helper’s body position. What does it convey and how did you arrive at this conclusion? ? 4. Describe and evaluate the helper’s ability to maintain eye contact. ? 5. Describe and evaluate the helper’s voice tone. ? 6. Describe and evaluate the helper’s gestures and facial expressions. ? 7. Give feedback on the helper’s use of encouragers and questions. ?How effective, overall, do you think the session was? Why? 8. Describe the helper’s level of communication with the client. 9. Identify at least one example as you saw the following: rapport building, minimal encouragers, open-ended questions, reflection of feelings, paraphrasing, self-disclosure, and summarizations. Please directly quote these examples and identify which technique (ex: Helper: “So what I am hearing you say is that you were frustrated because your boss did not understand what you needed.” Technique: paraphrasing). Please be thorough! Address ALL the items listed here. 10. Explain how the interview was closed. PART II: COUNSELOR & COUNSELEE SPECIFICS 1. Describe how the personal feeli​‌‌‌‌‍‌‍‌‍‌‌‌‍‌‍‌‍‍‌​ngs and attitudes of the helper affected what happened during the interview, if present. 2. Describe what significant feelings were expressed by the counselee and how the helper handled these feelings. 3. Describe positive changes that took place in the counselee. 4. List the counseling strategies/techniques employed and explain why you think it was used. (This can come from the 35 Techniques document attached). If you do not observe a strategy you learned about in this module, give a strategy/technique that could/should have been used and explain why. At minimum, you should have an in-text citation for PART II #4, but you may also have citations for several of the other items—cite whatever sources helped you develop your responses. You do not need to include a citation for the video. Just make sure that you name the one that you watched in your paper. To construct your paper, write the directions for Parts I and II and your answers right below each (using complete sentences, etc.)




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