Music listening report

Start by introducing the music — title, genre, musician(s), date and location of recording. Selecting a recording from YouTube is ideal so that I can listen to it prior to grading your report. • Identify and discuss some of the materials of music that stood out for you — melody, rhythm, harmony, texture, form, tempo, dynamics or timbre. • Identify what characteristics distinguish the music from other music in the same social context — music listened to in class. • Provide a brief overview of the musician(s) — write about their personal and professional life. You’ll need to do a bit of research for this! • Put the music in context — when was it written and what was happening in the world that might have influenced the music. • Share your reactions to the music — did you like listening to it, how did it make you feel, did it remind you of anything or spark any memories?

Remember that the recordings must be included in the paper’s reference page.




Sample Solution

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