Hotel restaurants

Read the article “Haute-el Cuisine” by Danny King, located in the July 27, 2015 edition of Travel Weekly magazine (attached). Then address the following questions.

  1. Hall stated that “Hotel restaurants are one of the hardest things to open, because the stigma is that hotel restaurants suck.” As a consumer: Do you agree with this statement? (WhyNVhy not?) and Why do you think this stigma exists?
  2. Use external sources to find at least two restaurants situated in a hotel. Explore their websites, images, and reviews. Do you feel that the restaurant matches the hotel, in terms of style of cuisine, pricing, ambiance, etc.? Of the hotel/restaurant pairs you reviewed, which would you personally stay and dine at and why?
  3. Finally, the last quote of the article states: “Hotels finally realize that they do need top-end chefs, and not just at the Ritz or Fairmont…They’ve got to have someone they can market. Chefs are more famous than they’ve ever been.” Do you think that a “celebrity chef restaurant’ is a smart marketing move for hotels? If you were the GM of a hotel, is this something you would consider, why/why not?



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